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I have great news!

If you are looking for the best pillow pets promo codes you are in the right place.

I found the guaranteed lowest price plus a 20% discount on additional pillows and Free $25 Walmart gift card. (No additional promo code needed.)

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WARNING!: Pillow Pets Promo Code Scam
Due to the popularity of Pillow Pets pillows several cheap, fake pillow pets manufacturers are offering “promo codes” in order to trick you into buying their inferior product. Don’t get scammed!

If you do get scammed you will end up with a crummy looking pillow that will fall apart because of poor workmanship, sewing and cheap fabric. The worst part is you won’t get what you thought you were getting. Good luck trying to get your money back.

Watch the video below to see what happened to this woman.

You do not need any kind of pillow pets promo code to get the best price on an authentic Pillow Pets pillow if you buy from the official Pillow Pets website.

Click here to order from the official Pillow Pets website.

How To Spot A Fake Pillow Pets Pillow
1.    The easiest way is to look at the tag or label on the pillow. If the tag says anything other than “Pillow Pets” it is a fake. However you can’t do that if you are buying online.

2.    If a website has any other name for the product other than Pillow Pets it is a fake. I am not a lawyer just a mom who wants to help. So I won’t name brands that are fake. Just be aware there is only one authentic product and several fakes.

3.    To make sure you are not getting a fake pillow pets pillow made in China by some child sweatshop factory buy your Pillow Pet from their official website.

4.    Pillow Pets does not sell their product in Walmart, department stores, Malls or Kiosks.

5.    Pillow Pets never offers a promo code. Only the knock-offs offer promo codes.

6.    Fake Pillow Pets look cheap! Because they are cheaply made.

The Best Pillow Pets Promo Code
Buying directly from the manufacturer with no middle man markup is the best way to guarantee you’ll get the best price. What is very cool is you don’t need to go hunting all over for a promo code.

The best pillow pets promo code is no code at all.

By buying direct you get:
1.    An authentic Pillow Pets pillow as seen on TV.
2.    Avoid getting scammed by fake Pillow Pets.
3.    Don’t have to waste time looking at Walmart, department stores, the mall, etc.
4.    Get the guaranteed lowest price.
5.    Get an additional 20% discount on any more pillows purchased.
6.    Receive a FREE $25 Walmart gift card with your purchase.

I hope your family, child or friend enjoys their Pillow Pets pillows as much as we do.

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Where To Buy Pillow Pets

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I had to make this post because I don’t feel I am getting the word out about where to buy Pillow Pets.

After all I have said about Pillow Pets and where to buy them to avoid getting a fake one a friend of mine told me Saturday he had bought one at Walmart. Of course it was a fake. He didn’t know that until she saw the look on his granddaughter’s face as soon as she opened her birthday present.

Don’t get fooled or disappointed. Get the best price on any Pillow Pets pillow, save 20% on all additional pillows and get a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee from the official Pillow Pets website.

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John has heard me talk about how much we love giving Pillow Pets as gifts to our grandchildren, and how much they love getting them. Since his granddaughter turned eight on Saturday he thought he would buy one for her. Unfortunately, my message about where to and where not to buy Pillow Pets didn’t sink in.

He really hadn’t thought about where to buy Pillow Pets pillows. He was very excited to have found one at Walmart and was anticipating a great reaction from his granddaughter when she opened her present. He said it was a beautiful moment ruined and a big lesson learned.

He had never bought one before so really didn’t know there are authentic Pillow Pets and then there are all the knock-offs. However, he quickly learned that the kids do know the difference.

He said he talked with his granddaughter after the party and apologized. She said it was fine and thanked him for the gift. But when he offered to take it back and get her a real one her face lit up and quickly gave him the fake one back.

He said it was very apparent that she was trying to be considerate of his gift but she knew that if she took the Walmart Pillow Pet with her to her friend’s houses they would know it was fake too.

He said she is a great kid and not snooty at all and would have not said anything unless he had offered to get her a real one.

He said he ordered an authentic Pillow Pets pillow from their official website yesterday. He told me he actually paid less for it online then he did for the one he bought at Walmart.

It really does make a different where you buy your Pillow Pets pillows. Avoid the disappointment and save money by buying an authentic Pillow Pets pillow directly from www.PillowPets.com.


Fake Pillow Pets

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Beware of fake Pillow Pets. They seem to be showing up like cockroaches everywhere. The people who get tricked into buying them are mad!

You can buy authentic Pillow Pets pillows from their official website. You will get the lowest guaranteed prices, they are quality made, have a 60-day money back satisfaction and your kids will love them.

To visit the official Pillow Pets website click the banner below.


I found the comments below on the internet. Don’t get conned into fake pillow pets like these unsuspecting women were.

r&kmommy – Pillow Pet FAKE!!!!!!
OK so there’s a kiosk in the mall that sells “pillow pets” – they have a sign on the side of their kiosk that has the logo and everything. I come home and look on the pillow pets website to see how much they are going for there… come to find out hers is FAKE!!!!!!!

We got the purple unicorn and it has a shiney silver horn. Well the one on the website has a pink horn, not shiney. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

I am LIVID! There is a sign that says no refunds, only exchanges with receipt. I didn’t think anything of it, I just figured that they didn’t want to deal with returns because of health reasons (being something that kids sleep on  )

What would you do? I’m going back to the mall anyways tomorrow so I was thinking I could go up to the guy, ask him quietly to refund my money, and when/if he refuses I’ll start talking about it being a fake… I mean he’s clearly an imposter especially with the fake sign on the side of the kiosk!!!

Tricky Tricky Tricky!

So, what would YOU do??

(and I know, I know, buyer beware! But i had no idea there were fakes out there, and like I said, the sign looks like it came right off the pillow pets website!!!)

Report the seller to the BBB and to the company that makes the authentic pillow pets. I believe if he’s using info and pics off the website of the original company-that it’s fraud and trademark theft/infringement. Take a digital camera or camera phone to record and get pics to back up your story if you do end up making a complaint.

I would definitely expect my money back if he’s advertising them as authentic pillow pets.

Shouldn’t the animal have some kind of tag to say it is the pillow pets? I would definetly email the website. Fakes being out there doesn’t surprise me though. I mean look at all the different names of silly bandz out there. I would be mad if they were using a sign from the real company to sell fakes!

I would contact the company that makes the real Pillow Pets and tell them about it. Send them a picture of the fake or send them the fake. Tell them where you purchased it. I’m willing to bet they would be very happy to know about this so they can stop it.

DisneyBoundYrly – Fake Pillow Pet
This thread was just in time for me! Thank you for posting… i am about to get 2 tomorrow – thanks again. I will be keenly on the lookout for fakes!!

Where to Buy Pillow Pets?

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Are you wondering where is the best place to buy Pillow Pets pillows?

The only place to get the best price, greatest selection, 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee on an authentic Pillow Pets pillow is on their official website. Click the yellow banner below to go there.


If you want a fake Pillow Pets pillow that will fall a part, costs more, with a no return or exchange policy and no satisfaction, money back guarantee then go shopping for them at the mall, kiosks or look in stores like Walmart or Target or other retail or discount stores.

You will also find several websites that sell low quality, knock-offs that actually cost more then authentic Pillow Pets pillows. You can tell the knock-offs because they have other names like Pillow Pals, Animallows, etc. They will also offer a discount code or coupon and they do not have a 60-day satisfaction money back return policy.

As much as I like to shop at the mall, Wal-mart, Target and other retail and discount stores the designer of Pillow Pets has chosen not to use these outlets to sell her pillows. I am glad she has chosen only to sell her pillows on her official website. That way there is no confusion on what is and what is not an authentic Pillow Pets brand pillow and where to get the lowest price and best guarantee.

Also, I think as soon as she puts them in stores, if she ever does, the price will go up not down. Because stores normally mark items down she will have to raise her price in order to maintain the same profit per pillow.

Because Pillow Pets are so popular if this Christmas is anything like last Christmas you will see a lot of fake Pillow Pets being sold at mall kiosks and in stores. Don’t be fooled into buying one there. You will be disappointed and you will not be able to get your money back.

Shop early and buy pillows your children or friends will love for years by shopping at the official Pillow Pets online store. You will be glad you did.

Pillow Pets Coupon vs Promo Code Pt2

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If you are shopping online for a Pillow Pets coupon you will probably need a promo code instead.

Merchants have used coupons and now promo codes to make customers feel they are getting a better deal when in reality they may not. I remember when my favorite grocery store introduced “member” cards. I watched prices slowly go up and up over the next few months for those who didn’t have a member’s card.

Finally after about six months all the groceries I use to purchase before the member card came out were now more expensive with the member’s card. But my receipt showed, “You saved $17.26 by using your member card today.” What at scam. The same game applies here with Pillow Pets coupons and promo codes with one exception.

The exception is the real, original Pillow Pets merchant has never raised her prices in order to lure you in with a discount. I am glad that this great product, one that my whole family loves, was created by a mother who wanted to give her daughter a quality gift. That has not changed.

Yes, she will make some money. Yes, she no longer makes them by hand. But she still is a mother with the same desire for your daughter, grand daughter or friend, to have a wonderful gift that she will love for years. That is why she has never raised the price or offered coupons or promo codes.

If you truly want the best price on Pillow Pets and you don’t want to get a poorly made fake just buy directly from the official Pillow Pets website.

You’ll get the best price, a 20% on additional pillows and an authentic Pillow Pets pillow that will last for years and bring happiness to your loved one.

Click the “coupon” below to go directly to the Official Pillow Pets website and get your best deal anywhere.


Pillow Pets Coupon vs Promo Code Pt 1

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Both Pillow Pets coupons and promo codes are scams. Don’t get fooled by either. I’ll show you how to get the best price without using a pillow pets coupon or promo code.

Typically you will see a vendor at a mall kiosk or in a store who is selling what they call a Pillow Pet. If you are in a store pickup a pillow and look at the label sewn on the pillow. If it says anything other then “Pillow Pets” it is a fake. Do not buy it regardless what they tell you.

They may tell you they have a promotion and offer you a coupon. Don’t go for that.

First off they are fakes. The second you buy it you are stuck with it. You can not return it for a refund. They know you will figure out it is a fake very shortly so they put right on the receipt “No Returns” or “No Refunds” because so many people want their money back.

When you buy an official Pillow Pets pillow you have sixty days to return it and get either a full refund or exchange for another pillow. They offer such a great guarantee because they know you will love the pillows and if for any reason you don’t you get your money back or a different pillow. It is up to you.

Second, they offer a coupon because they have already increased the price of their fake Pillow Pets. You are not getting any great deal even with a coupon. Official Pillow Pets sell for between $19.95. Most mall or in store fake Pillow Pets sell for $29.95.

If you get a 10% or even a 20% discount coupon you are still paying a lot more then if you bought an authentic Pillow Pet and you are getting a fake. It is a lose, lose situation for you.

Here is a link to the Official Pillow Pets Website. Check it out yourself.